Try This Sexy Time-Saving Text Expander – Perfect Tool For Busy Admin

We all want to save time right?

And need to deliver the same outcome.

While not sacrificing quality.

Well here’s a tool you want to know about.

It’s called Phrase Express. It’s the text expander – tada!

And it’s my new personal favourite time-saving tool!

It’s quick, easy and simple…it’s a dream.

You might be wondering – is this a tool for me?

Well, are you repeatedly typing the same information?

Over and over and over again?


Could be for;

  • emails
  • delivery details and instructions
  • sharing people’s contact details or availability
  • out of office info

…just to name a few!

The list goes on (when you really start to think about it)

But you get the picture

Now be honest here…does your quality of work sometimes suffer?

Little mistakes. Typo’s here and there?

Have you ever wished for a solution or even tried improving the situation?

But you haven’t quite nailed it yet?


Well, with Phrase Express you type your text just once!

Create consistency in your quality of work (error free).

And save time while you’re doing it!

Just imagine how much faster you’ll be able to get through your work!

Imagine all the time could you save.

Imagine not having to double check your work all the time.

And most importantly, imagine how you’ll feel…

…having that extra time!

What would you do with that?

We all want that right…

True or True?


Well then, let’s dive right into it…

  • Go to (follow the prompts for the relevant version)
  • It’s super easy to download and install (took me all of a couple of minutes before I was up and running with the freeware version for Mac). This is what it looks like…



  • Create folders (I think these will be best for grouping your templates like with like). Here are some examples…



  • Add an ‘autotext abbreviation’ to your folders. See “OOO” as an example below…



  • Create your templates and give them a phrase description. See “OOO – Long Weekend” example below…


Tip: Save as you go. I’d even suggest saving a copy in a word doc too.

Then test away by simply typing the phrase description into an email for example and BOOM your text appears!

Prepare to be blown away by how simple and effective this is! 🙂

WARNING: You may actually get really excited at this point (like I did, dare I admit that out loud while my inner geek flushes and goes all shy). Now if you do experience this side effect, please comment below and share this post with your peeps!  

Now these steps are just to get you started.

There are quite a number of settings you can change and tinker with to suit you.

Watch the video here for getting started. This is for the freeware Mac version.

Sorry PC people, I looked everywhere and couldn’t find another version of the video.

Maybe you could just watch the video anyway…(and ask Santa for a Mac this Xmas)

So once you’ve got into the swing of it, you’ll probably want to fill it up and due to all the excitement, you might start to go blank.

That’s okay – it will pass! 😉

Here are some templates you can model from to help get you started;

Example 1: Printer Out of Order

The office printer is currently out of order.

A maintenance call has been logged and is due to be fixed by [insert date/time].

In the mean time please [insert alternative option here]. Follow the attached instructions for more information. 

I’ll provide another email update as soon as anything changes. 

Example 2: Weekly Report

Please find attached weekly report for your records. 

If you have any queries, please contact me on the below details. 

Example 3: Out of Office

I’m currently out of the office dddd dd mmm yyyy.9amreturning on

If your message is urgent please call reception on #### ####. 

I’ll review and respond to my messages within the first few days back in the office. 

Note: Your message has not been forwarded.

Are you itching to get started with it yet?

Don’t let me hold you up any longer –

Here’s the link so you can get started:


Before you leave me here…

I’ve made a quick and easy checklist just for you.

You can use it to help you find all your repeated text in so many places.

On top of that ==> I’ve packaged up 20+ additional text templates as a BONUS.


So did you find this helpful?

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I’d also love to hear from you too…please share your thoughts 🙂

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