25 Super Simple Admin Tips to Save Time & Your Sanity

Let’s face it…Saving time as a busy admin is crucial to saving your sanity.

We’ve all been there.

That’s why I want to share these 25 super simple admin tips with you.

But before I do…

Can I check we’re on the same page?

Because I don’t want to waste your time.

Do you feel like the odds are stacked against you?

Everyone pulling you in different directions. All of it important.

Using ancient and frustrating processes that slow you down.

You have to learn things the torturous and tedious way.

All of this makes you feel overwhelmed and drained.

Too busy to even find time to try a few new time savers.

You’re feeling exhausted aren’t you?

And you finish each day with a sigh of relief. That’s over.

But that doesn’t stop you from dreaming right? About how it could be…

  • Your inbox empty.
  • Tasks completed.
  • People thanking you (for exceeding their expectations).
  • Learning is quick. And easy to implement too.
  • You feel cool, calm and collected. And, you have time to breathe (finally you can enjoy your lunch – rather than inhaling it)
  • Best of all…You feel a satisfied. Confident. Proud. Appreciated.

And you finish each day with a smile. Ready for the next day.

Let’s dive into the action!

As promised, here’s the list…

25 Super Simple Admin Tips To Save Time & Your Sanity


1. View today’s tasks only

2. Use task notes section to list subtasks, hyper-links and templates

3. Maximise use of templates/checklists for repetitive tasks

4. Focus on one thing at a time (did you know that multitasking is a myth?)

5. Put first things first (also known as eat the frog)


6. Identify and block out your daily prime time in your calendar

7. Start each morning with a success routine (check out The Miracle Morning)

8. Get up and move when you feel the flat part of your day

9. Note thoughts/interruptions on a ‘Capture List’ to remain focused and come back to

10. At the end of each day prepare for the following day


11. Block out time daily for emails – turn off pop-up’s and close down program

12. RAF = Read + Action + File your emails (if action take less than 5 minutes)

13. Use an ‘ACTION’ folder to file and work on emails requiring >5minutes

14. Use a ‘WAITING’ folder for emails requiring >5mins and involve other people

15. Use Auto-rules to automatically file emails and flags to categorise or alert you

Record Keeping

16. Use a standard naming convention for consistency

17. Group like records together and colour code the groups

18. Don’t keep what you don’t need to

19. Archive every year (keep at least 2 years of records accessible)

20. Reverse file dividers in files eg. Jan goes on the bottom and Dec on the top

Being Organised

21. Put most frequently used items closest to you in your work area

22. Move the least frequently used items away from your main work area

23. Label everything clearly – call it what it is (especially filing)

24. Keep like with like

25. If it doesn’t work – repair or replace it


Now don’t spend time worrying about the things you can’t change.

Take charge of the things you can.

Start by making a small change.

And then another…and another.

Until you achieve your goal.

You know the one…where you finish each day with a smile.

Make a change today for the future you. You know you’ll thank yourself for it.

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2 thoughts on “25 Super Simple Admin Tips to Save Time & Your Sanity

  • April 12, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    Thank you for your 25 admin tips. They are great.

    • April 12, 2017 at 10:32 pm

      You’re most welcome! 🙂


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